Muscle Nation is a fitness clothing and accessories brand based in Australia. For co-owners, Nathaniel Anthony and Chris Anastasi, the Muscle Nation journey started on the 22nd August, 2016, when they launched their website and stage 1 of clothing. Muscle Nation dispatches customer order out of their two facility in Brisbane (AUS), Los Angeles (USA) and ships to over 120 countries.

In a short period, Muscle Nation has become a well recognised and respected brand, not only in the clothing sector, but in the health and fitness industry. This growth comes from a passion and devotion to use social media for social interactions (communicate with, build our community and produce effective and quality clothing).

Execution is key. Ideas mean nothing, if they are not implemented. We are very dynamic, live on social media, and love what we do. We learn, adapt and evolve. Our finger is on the pulse, and you will see us executing our daily and weekly segments across all our social media platforms, to ensure we stay relevant and consistent with our community interactions and value adding to your journey.

To learn more about us, follow our YouTube channel as we post weekly videos.  We have kept it real since day 1, with behind the scenes of the business, the growth, and what we do week to week as we work as a team to build the brand into a leader in the health and fitness industry! Click here: Muscle Nation YouTube

Average Shipping Times:

USA: 3-5 days (shipped out of Los Angeles, USA)

AUS: 3-5 days (shipped out of Brisbane, AUS)

Rest Of The World: 14 working days (standard shipping, shipped out of USA, LA)

Muscle Nation is made possible by:
Nathaniel Anthony – Co-Owner
Chris Anastasi – Co-Owner
Andrew Anthony – CCSO / Warehouse Manager
Joseph Anthony – Warehouse
Matthew Gianoulis – Photographer
Corey Towning – Film Maker
Matthew Bartholomew – Athlete
Robbie Frame – Athlete
Ethan Ban – Athlete
Rachel Dillon – Athlete
Hattie Boydle – Athlete
Ryan Spiteri – Athlete